Caldaie Melgari

Our Commitment

Caldaie Melgari is somehow like a trustworthy cardiologist, because it deals with (and takes care of) the heart of your factory. We know how important boilers are for you to produce, heat and make your plant working. That’s why it’s essential to keep everything under control!

Good news: may you need just a check-up or even a new “heart”, we’re there for you. Making you feel relaxed has been our job for more than 80 years.

We periodically visit our clients and are always ready to solve your problems: we’re a team and care about you from the very beginning onwards. Wecan provide professional advice and help you make the right choice since we know what's best for you. And when it’s time for action, we’re quick and efficient. We won’t ever let go of your hand, even once the work’s over, because we come back to see if everything’s fine.

Every day we do our best to offer the best products, the highest quality and outstanding service. To do so, we invest in R&D to find avant-garde solutions which help you reduce consumption, waste and pollution and we also seek new ways to provide support and emergency intervention whenever and wherever you need it, thanks to modern technology.