Caldaie Melgari


People are the most important resource in Caldaie Melgari. Each person isharbinger of unique and irreplaceable know-how, skills and a source of innovation for the company. Above all, results are a consequence of team play.That’s why we accurately choose the members of our team, training and constantly motivating them.

We want to invest in young people. Not only are we collaborating with several schools, but we also want to offer real job opportunities to newly-qualified students and recent graduates, training them through experience.

If you’re willing to join our team, please read and fill our form about personal data treatment and send it with your CV to We’ll peruse it as soon as possible. Remember: good knowledge is important to us, but what really matters is having the will to learn something new every day.

Who are we looking for?

  1. Engineers, carpenters, general and burner electricians.
  2. Accountants, finance and administration managers, marketing managers.
  3. Mechanical engineers and technicians.