Caldaie Melgari

Youth & School

To invest in education is a challenge for our society: costs are high and efforts bear fruit only after years, but we mustn’t forget that the results are amazing. Countries such as Japan have believed in this since the 50’s, thus being able to pioneer the high-tech industry for several years.

Caldaie Melgari has been promoting initiatives addressed to schools for a long time. We take to heart the education of those who will enter the world of work in the energy field and we want to give them a helping hand.

That’s why we’ve started a partnership with I.T.I.S. JanelloTorriani, a renowned polytechnic school in Cremona. We’ve given the students the opportunity to experience the world of work at first hand before they’ll enter it after qualifications. We’re holding lessons both at school and at our premises, arranging guided tours to our plant and simulating working situations, thus providing these “energy experts of the future” with an extremely wide range of topics: technical drawing, political economy, thermodynamics, finance and so on.

Last but not least, we’re also cooperating with the city of Cremona on a project called “Zero/18: territory and future” and promoted by the Department of Youth. In order to relate young people and enterprises, it is necessary to open a dialogue between them so that entrepreneurs can tell the pupils about the local economic context and what are both duties and opportunities for a newly-qualified student.