Caldaie Melgari

Rental solutions

The nice thing about your company is that it stands alone, there’s none like it. We know that and thus we’ve learned to offer you flexible and focused solutions. Each rental is indeed customized for every single client, that’s why we call it “ad hoc rental”.

In case of unexpected needs or emergencies we can provide you additional boilers in no time. We take care of everything. Since we have the largest fleet of industrial boilers in Italy and we periodically service and overhaul our generators, we’ll never leave you stranded.

Are you starting-up a new biogas plant?We have more than 50 containerized boilers ready for hook-up and stoked with gas, diesel or LPG, which are ideal for the initial heating of your digester. The start-up is very fast, it can take even one day only, thanks to container modules and our flexible pipes. And don’t forget that we carry out every execution phase, from delivery to start-up, also providing all required equipment.

Many Large Enterprises, such as petroleum refineries, need to periodically stop their generators in order to service them. Others, e.g. food processing industry, experience moments of peak activity during which the power needs grow. It’s exactly for these companies’ sake that we’ve invented the so-called “on demand rental”. Our boilers remain on client’s premises all year round at a low deposit cost whilst the real rental only lasts for the period of effective use. The advantages are definite: first of all you save your money, since transport and installation costs are incurred only once. Furthermore, you won’t have to worry that your generators must be always functioning: if need be, our boilers are on place ready to start working.