Caldaie Melgari


I own an industrial burner with mechanical cam control, do I have to replace the whole burner in order to install an electronic cam control?
It’s usually not necessary, we can retrofit it to your existing burner. However, we always suggest to evaluate the status of your burner and that of its electric panel in advance.

Can an inverter be fittedto any burner?
Of course, but in order to obtain an appreciable cost reduction we always suggest to do it to burners from 7,5 kW upwards and to add an electronic cam control.

What does the installation of an economizer entail?
When you want to enforce your plant with an economizer, you have to fit a heat exchanger to the chimney of your boiler (the exact position will be evaluated in situ) and setup a boiler water level continuous control system, if not present. The feed water, before going into the generator, passes through the economizer which preheat itusing exhaust gasses from the boiler.

What’s the maximum NOx concentration which can be reached?
New burner technology we have at our disposal let you reach 100 mg/Nm3 (ref. 3% O2) in fire tube steam boilers with cold comburent air. An evaluation of the specific dimensions of thecombustion chamber will provide a more precise information.

To what extent can I reduce NOx emissions from my industrial boilers?
Remember that the reduction of emissions depends on what type of boiler you own, since you can effectively achieve lower emission ratesusing generators which have big fireboxes and/or adoptingparticular expedients on burners.

Your actual boilermight not have these features, so that if you lower emissions you may also reduce the generator capacity. Feasibility has to be studied from time to time also according to the set NOx emissions level.