Caldaie Melgari

How to lower emissions

Nowadays respect for the environment has become a prerogative of everyone. We’re more and more driven to lower emissions by the concernfor our children’s health, professional ethics and law. Caldaie Melgari can help you out, providing you with the best devices and methods to optimize the combustion in your generators.

In particular, what guarantees great results is the use of new low-emission burners (NOx), together with a proper design of the boiler combustion chamber and an exhaust gas partial recirculation system.

And there’s more. In order to improve the performance of your burner we can install automatic combustion systems equipped withanelectronic air-fuel ratio control. This also allows you to automatically control and adjust the combustion as a function of the residual oxygen content of the flue gas. A special zirconia probe fitted to the boiler stack measures the concentration of oxygen (O2)in the flue gasand keeps it constant within a fixed range, automatically regulating the comburent air.

In order to let you save even more, we can install an inverter on the fan which allows a cleverer use of electricity. Thus, your burner will work automatically, keeping combustion values constant and so outsmarting obsolete mechanical cam systems which have a set air-fuel ratio.

You can push further, fitting economizers to your steam boilers. These are heat exchange devices that use the exhaust gases from the boiler to preheat the cold water used to fill it. Economizers are so named because they improve the boiler's efficiency and make you save money on fuel by using less of it.

Thanks to our investment in R&D, we have developed advanced supervision systems which can be customized to fit your specific needs. Using them, your engineers will be able to keep everything under control. Main parameter values and equipment condition are directly captured by appropriate data acquisition modules (D.I. & A.I.) which send the information to a control panel fitted to the boiler which supports remote access from any PC connected to the corporate network or even from home, through VPN: all the information you need at the click of a button, whenever and wherever.