Caldaie Melgari


It’s amazing how boilers can last more than fifty years, if you give them a minimum attention. A generator in good condition is a byword for production continuity and high performance.

And that’s exactly what we do: for more than 80 years we’ve taken care of our clients’ boilers, servicing them periodically and intervening promptly in a pinch. We want you to have no worries at all: we plan the services and tell you when your generator needs attention. Thorough checks and steady cleaning of your generators not only ensure longer service life and increased safety, but also make you save money on fuel!

We’re always willing to improve, it’s just the way we are: we do our best to make sure our customers get a better service day by day. Therefore, we’re developing innovative tele-assistence systems for our generators so that we can become aware of any problems and accidents as soon as they occur, hence assuring you a prompt response.

In particular, thanks to our highly skilled engineers and a huge stock of quality spare parts, we can provide a wide range of maintenance and repairing services:

  1. Scales removal
  2. Fire tube cleaning
  3. Refractory parts remaking
  4. Spare parts available for immediate delivery and installation
  5. Support for periodical requalification
  6. Worn components replacement
  7. Repair projects complying with PED