Caldaie Melgari

On sale

We know that to buy a generator always marks an important step on companies’ activity. That’s why we help you make the right choice, giving precious advice and sharing with you our expertise. Making our clients feel safe and relaxed is what we do best.

We havethe right boiler for any kind of production needs, from 200 KW up to 8 MW. We also recondition used boilersand their equipment, replacing worn components and making new CE-marked electrical boxes. We also deal with burners, new and overhauled, working on both liquid and gaseous fuel.

We offerportable containerized boilers which comply with latest quality and safety standards and are inspected by approved organizations. It’s a ready-to-go solution: they’re complete with burner, circulation pumps, electric system, expansion tank and also flexible pipes which make the connection phase faster than ever. Due to their versatility and quick start-up, these containerized boilersare the best solution if you have to start a biogas plant or you need to heat whether big or small space!

Don’t forget we’re there for you also after the purchase: on the one hand our after-sale service offers free specialized consulting, on the other hand we take care of your generators through scheduled services, tailored to suit your needs. In case of breakdown or trouble, we intervene promptly. Everything’s easier whenwe’re with you.