Impiantistica industriale Caldaie Melgari

Generatori di vapore a tre giri effettivi di fumo
MAC - Three smoke passes with inversion flame back hot water boiler, up to 109°C

Capacity from 100 kW up to 4.100 Kg/h at 6 bar.

Hot water boiler up to 109°C , three smoke passes with reverse flame construction and a back wet. The first and second smoke pass takes place into the furnace and the third one though the high thickness smoke tubes. This hot water boiler has been built according to the most advanced techniques by highly qualified personal into our factory. The exchange area is particulary vast in order to maintain low specific thermical load and high efficiency. The standard stamped pressure is 6 bar but upon request on higher pressure can be offered. The boiler is already insulated with high density rook wool with a coating based of galvanized steel sheet