Impiantistica industriale Caldaie Melgari

Generatori di vapore a tre giri effettivi di fumo
MVI - Three smoke passes with inversion flame back steam boiler

Steam output from 140 Kg/h up to 5.000 Kg/h, max pressure 15 bar.

The second smoke pass takes place through high thickness smoke tubes. This steam boiler has been designed according to the most advanced techniques by highly qualified engineers in our factory. It has been especially designed for the combustion of both liquid and gaseous fuels and is supplied with all accessories for an automated operation. The exchange area is particularly big in order to maintain low specific thermal loads and high efficiency even during high rate continuously. Tubes are provided with stainless steel turbinators ensuring also a constant and high efficiency. The particular position of the tubes around the fire room ensures a fair distribution of the smokes maintaining the thermal load. Smoke speed on the tubes is so high that no soot residues can deposit, involving thus a constant efficiency. The boiler is assembled on a very resistant basement in order to allow its immediate installation. On this basement are also mounted the electrical board and feeding pump. For the pressure body construction only certified materials are used and the controls are made by a PED inspector (European notified body ). The whole construction is according to the PED 97/23/CEE.